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CCTV Systems

Are you looking to invest in an enhanced security solution? Then our state-of-the-art CCTV systems are a robust crime deterrent

CCTV is one of the best forms of crime deterrent – but quality is key when it comes to its success.

A UK police study, amongst others, have found that using CCTV, in conjunction with other quality security measures, is one of the most effective ways to both deter and reduce crime, particularly when it comes to burglary and theft.

But ensuring the solution deployed is bespoke to your needs is of paramount importance when it comes to enabling you to reap the comprehensive rewards of your investment.

Your unique business, setting, and budget are key factors we use to determine which system, and which features, will benefit you best – and we’re proud to be experts at doing just that.

Not only do our cutting-edge CCTV solutions have a proven track record of being effective in the field, they also boast active monitoring features as well as capturing high-grade footage.

Every solution we offer can easily be personalised, by our team of industry specialists, to suit any bespoke requirements to effectively and efficiently enhance your security.

Our CCTV solutions include the following features:

  • IP, HD, 4K cameras to capture high-quality footage,
  • Hybrid recorder, motion detection and remote viewing/recording,
  • Night vision,
  • ANPR
  • Analytics to assess the CCTV System in your company,
  • And, if you require further add-ons or personalised features, our team can provide you with a range of high-end feature options that will take your CCTV security to an even higher level.

To find out more please get in touch with one of our friendly, expert team members to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Email us at ADMIN@ACTIVE-CONCEPT.CO.UK or call 0800 955 8596

Site Management

Often, larger sites such as warehouses or factories can require a complicated and intricate CCTV security system. Our CCTV packages can be easily linked for quick and efficient site management from one or multiple fixed points, both on and off-site.

Number Plate Recognition

A great addition to any parking area is control over vehicles that are attending the property. Number Plate Recognition can be installed for employee car parking or warehouses with numerous daily deliveries.

Health and Safety/ Evidence

CCTV can be used as a safety feature for employees and employers. CCTV footage is often used in health and safety case disputes or claims. If you or an employee makes a claim, CCTV is commonly used as evidence.

Business Management

CCTV systems allow business owners and managers to effectively and efficiently oversee the day to day running of their business. CCTV systems give you peace of mind and an extra level of support and security.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients